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Uniform Policy / Dress Code


The Rogers motto is Alive with Mustang Pride. The colors are red and black and our school mascot is the Mustang. All students are expected to dress in a professional manner. These are the uniform guidelines: Students who attend school out of uniform will change into loaner clothing or contact their parents to bring a change of clothes. The student’s personal clothing will be returned when the loaner clothing is returned. Students will be placed on the fine list for failure to return loaner clothing. Excessive uniform violations will result in further consequences.

Students must wear regulation uniforms for physical education classes. Uniforms may be purchased through the school. Any tennis shoe or running shoe with good support is acceptable (no slip-ons). Red sweats may be worn over physical education uniforms when the weather is cold. Locks are loaned to students to secure PE attire and valuables. Students are solely responsible for securing their property in the appropriate PE lockers. The school is not responsible for any unsecured Items that are lost, damaged or stolen. Students must pay for the replacement of any lost or stolen lock. Students are responsible for keeping their PE uniforms clean, as PE uniforms should be taken home to be washed weekly. PE clothes should be taken home on the last day of the week and brought back clean on the first day of the week. “Loaners” may be available on the first day of the week for students who forget their clothing. Loaners should be returned at the end of the week. Should a student forget their PE uniform, they are still required to participate in all class activities.


Required Color(s)



Shirts, Blouses

Solid Red, Solid Black, or Solid White

● All shirts must have a collar
● Short or long sleeve
● No undershirts
● No logos larger than a fist on the front or back
● No tank tops, halter-tops, or bare midriffs (crop tops)
● No low necklines
● All T-Shirts are school spirit wear: Rogers Spirit Wear,
Rogers Clubs, Music or WEB Shirts


Pants, Skirts, Shorts

Solid  Black 

● Pants or shorts must fit at the waist and inseam
● No logos. No oversized bottoms. No sagging. No baggy pants. No overalls
● Plain belt buckle free of initials or insignia
● No PE uniforms should be worn in any class other than PE
● Skirts and shorts must be modest in length

Outer Garments

Solid Red, Solid White,  or Solid Black

● Outer garments includes sweaters, sweatshirts, layered shirts, and jackets
● No logos larger than the palm of
your hand except Rogers logos

On rainy days, rain gear of another color may be worn
Spirit Wear Includes: Rogers

Spirit Wear, Rogers Clubs,
Music or WEB Sweatshirts,
Sports team uniforms or team shirts


Any Color

● No open-toed or open-heeled shoes are allowed. No Crocs, slippers, or flip-flops are allowed.


Any Color

● No hoop earrings larger than a quarter.
● No sharp spiked jewelry
● No suspenders
● No belt buckles with logos



● Hats, beanies, and hoods are not permitted. Hoods must be removed upon entering a classroom.
● Exceptions may be made for: Religious head coverings.
Students who require a head covering for health needs must have paperwork on file with the school.

Ragged/Torn Clothing


Per LBUSD Dress Code Policy: “Tears, holes, patches, slits in the seams, and ragged hems in clothes and shoes are not permitted. “


Special Days


Each Friday students may wear College Spirit Wear (T-shirts or Sweatshirts) of any color.

Game Days

Students on sports teams may wear their team jersey or warm ups on game days.

Spirit Days

Rogers Student Council organizes different spirit days throughout the year that students are made aware of in the Student Bulletin.


LBUSD Dress Code Standards apply at all times

● Size appropriate clothing is required.

● No bare midriffs.

● Undergarments may not be exposed.

● Shoes must adhere to LBUSD standards: closed toe only. No slippers or “flip flops” are permitted.

● Shorts and skirts must be an appropriate length. Shorts and skirts must be of modest length.

● Hoods must remain down at all times on campus.

● Hats, wave caps, bandanas, hairnets, and combs in the hair are not permitted.

● Tears, holes, patches, slits in the seams, and ragged hems in clothes and shoes are not permitted.

● No fishnet or patterned stockings.

● Leggings / tights must be SOLID black .

● No chains, badges, patches, spiked accessories, and initialed belt buckles.

● No tank tops, swimsuits, sweat pants, yoga pants, short shorts, beach attire, low neckline, low back line, spaghetti straps, lace, or shoulder exposing garments are permitted.

● No gang-related writing on backpacks, school materials, shoes, and clothing.

● Tattoos must be covered.